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Affordable, Effective, Investor Relations

The Challenge

The average IR budget in North America is a shocking $799,000/yr according to XbInsight, the research arm of IR Magazine. The avg. median salary for an IR Director is $187,556.

Harnessing decades of nurtured relationships, our firm seamlessly integrates pioneering, cost-effective technology tailor-made for public issuers. This strategic approach enables us to unlock profound shareholder insights and pinpoint untapped investors in the competitive marketplace, all while maintaining financial efficiency.

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The Solution

"With an extensive background as a Senior Business Executive in a NASDAQ-listed tech firm, complemented by my FINRA Securities Industry education, I've cultivated valuable relationships with numerous public companies and Investor Relations firms. Recognizing the irreplaceable role of hard work, loyalty, and integrity, I founded Investor Promote. In the present market environment, the challenges facing small businesses looking to scale and compete effectively are immense. We leverage our technological advantage and our work ethic, combined with our industry relationships, to operate more efficiently. I eagerly anticipate the chance to contribute to your business growth."

Jonathan Miller

Founder & CEO

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Sell side investment conferences

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Virtual non deal Roadshows

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Press Releases

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Investor Relations

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Board meetings

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Identify & acquire prospective investors

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Earnings calls

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Develop corporate profile with investment community


Investor Promote tailors its services to uniquely fit each client's needs, striving to be a trusted resource in the industry that understands client requirements and coordinates ancillary services. Our aim is to partner with emerging growth companies that are under-followed, to enhance awareness and boost shareholder value. Here are the key points of our service offering:

  • Development of a clear, engaging investment narrative that aligns with all investor communications
  • Strategic advice to management on communication and strategy based on our capital market experience
  • Maintaining consistency in the company's story and messaging across various communication channels
  • Offering senior-level strategic counsel available 24/7
  • Providing insights into stock trading activity, market conditions, and industry analysis
  • Utilizing our extensive experience in capital markets and sector-specific knowledge
  • Recommending best practices for identifying and engaging potential investors
  • Helping management to perfect their 'pitch', anticipating potential investor queries
  • Creating and managing a comprehensive investor relations calendar
  • Collaborating with existing IR/PR resources, investment banking partners, and legal counsel
  • Evaluating and implementing digital strategies including video, television, digital, and social media
  • Handling daily investor/shareholder inbound communication and managing global investor base
  • Assisting with the creation of investor fact sheets and presentations
  • Auditing website and social channels for investor relations-focused content
  • Managing quarterly conference calls or shareholder update calls including all the related logistics
  • Building and maintaining relationships with existing investors, and introducing new investors, sell-side analysts, and banking partners
  • Keeping shareholders updated with company news and developments, followed by detailed feedback
  • Focusing marketing strategy on retail investors and creating unique, consistent content for wide retail reach
  • Achieving short- and long-term goals including engagement, balance sheet strengthening, and attracting key capital market spokespersons for the company.

Having worked with over 500 publicly traded companies across various sizes in the past 20 years, we're excited to help companies refine their communication outreach program.

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Ancillary Services

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  • Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Technical Analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Develop a cohesive investment story that is easy to understand & flows through all investor communications & positions the Company as a high-quality investment
  • Advises management on strategy & communications to the investment community based on its capital markets experience
  • Ensures the company's story remains top-of-mind and messaging remains consistent via press releases, conference calls, investor presentations, SEC filings
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  • New to the Street
  • NASDAQ Marketsite interviews & virtual interviews
  • FOX Business Broadcast Nationwide Exposure
  • NASDAQ articles & Reports
  • Bloomberg TV Broadcast
  • Newsmax TV Broadcast
  • AMI NASDAQ Grand Entrance Billboard
  • AMI Mosaic Billboards on Reuters
  • AMI Outdoor Bus Shelter WALL STREET & WATER STREET
  • TV Commercials - Spectrum Network, Nationwide (30-sec.)
  • Managed social media marketing
  • Managed native & display advertising across finance sites & trading desks
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  • Branding
  • Logo Creation
  • Corporate Deck
  • Explainer Videos
  • Design Consultation
  • Video Press Releases
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Design/Redesign
  • Video Company Presentation
  • Social media + paid advertising AD creation video and static
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Shareholder data & contact lookup

  • Glean your latest high-level insights for your participants & retail shareholders
  • Authorize us to pull in your NOBO shareholder reports from Broadridge with the ability to track buying and selling activity weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually via our platform
  • Authorize us to pull in your DTCC security position reports tracking weekly drops & gains from your institutional participant accounts
  • Identify trends & insights built out over time & view the most significant new & historical data
  • Append emails, phone numbers, & social media to shareholders
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Investor Marketing

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What to Expect

Leveraging our extensive experience and strong ties with market makers, we serve as a robust ally and invaluable asset for the market's leading emerging public companies. Our goal is to foster enduring relationships between management, investors, and analysts. Harnessing the power of modern technology, we actively engage and secure new investors across various communication platforms.

Included in our comprehensive packages are services that typically require the use of multiple vendors and subscription models. We also provide cost-effective solutions for press releases and investment conferences. Additionally, we offer insightful reports on share ownership and oversee the management of warrants, documents, contacts, new deals, and shelf registrations.

Our aim is to seamlessly integrate into your business, providing instrumental support in achieving your investment objectives.

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Houston, Texas

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